“Okay that’s nice, but how do I make tokens?” - Luck, skill, and effort in relation to camming

Scenario one: girl sits on her phone and texts, looks bored, doesn’t move around, hums and haws about how it’s slow and she’s going to log off if people don’t get their shit together.

Scenario two: girl is bubbly, says hello to everyone who comes in, offers raffles and deals and is generally stoked on life and happy to be there.

Who’s making more money? The reality is, it’s not certain who will or won’t make money on cam, no matter how “good” you are, no matter how “hard” you try. I’ve seen gorgeous girls way at the bottom of the barrel doing everything they can but attempting to work a room consisting of one silent premium and a few leechy guests. I’ve seen girls at the top screaming and yelling and throwing a fit, but still making hundreds of dollars a day. While there may be suggestions that could increase the likelihood of earning more tokens on cam, nothing is guaranteed.

I can’t tell you how to make money. You could take every piece of advice I have to offer and still not make money. You could do the exact opposite of what I consider to be a good move and make tons of money. That’s the nature of the beast, and if you get into the cam world, it’s got to be something you learn how to handle. Most importantly, it has to be something you learn not to attribute to your sense of self worth. I’ll talk more about this in another post. For now, let’s talk about some basic factors that seem to lead to token making.


Undoubtedly there is an aspect of luck in terms of making money. It doesn’t matter how awesome you are: in order to make money you have to be online at the precise moment that someone with tokens stumbles across you and feels inclined to tip. You could have a bunch of people with no tokens in your room who would love to tip you next pay day, or a bunch of people with tons of tokens who simply don’t feel like parting with what they’ve got - sometimes, it isn’t in your control. Sometimes it’s not about how great you are or how cute you are. Sometimes you’re simply there at the right place, doing the right thing, at the right time. 


Is success totally out of our control? Of course not. A good camgirl knows how to appeal to members, what to say and when to say it, how to price herself, how to move and how to talk … she knows how much attention to pay to who and how to make everyone feel good. This is something you learn in time. I can’t explain to you how to dance ballet and then send you on to a stage expecting you to perform well: you’ve got to fall and fuck yourself up a bunch of times before you master the movement and camming is the same. As much as this is an incredibly individual area, here are some basic ass general as fuck tips that might help you out if you feel totally lost.

1) Basic people skills. Laugh at people’s jokes. Thank people when they tip you. Try not to ignore people, even if the chat is busy. Be warm, be kind, be inviting. Be flirty and make fun of people in a teasing way. Remember people’s names. Compliment people. Graciously accept compliments. The more people feel comfortable talking to you, the more likely they are to tip or come back when they’re able to tip. 

2) Movement. Motion is eye catching (and so is your booty) so don’t sit down and stare at the camera! I personally don’t do tips for dancing, because I enjoy doing this to try to catch people’s attention. I would try to avoid moving the cam itself around too much (makes people with huge screens dizzy lol) but keep yourself moving because you never know who’s watching and might think your buttcheeks are fantastic. 

3) Avoid the word “slow”. I’m going to write an entire fucking post about this but honestly, there’s a difference between encouraging conversation and saying “well this is awkward” - one fosters growth, the other inhibits it. 

4) Raffles. People fucking love raffles. Cool raffle tip: say you sell your snapchat for 500 tokens. Offer a 20 ticket raffle, 50 tokens each. Once all 20 tickets are sold you pull a name and someone wins your snap. It’s beneficial because it’s possible for someone to win your snapchat for cheap, but you don’t miss out on tokens like you would if you were offering a deal. Beyond this, raffle literally everything. Go nuts. People love raffles. I don’t know why (my luck is terrible, to be honest). 


Yeah, offline tips exist. Yes, some models make more in an offline tip than you will in a month. Generally speaking, though, I don’t expect offline tips and I don’t particularly encourage them, either - a big part of the member’s experience is seeing your reaction to their tips, big or small, while on cam. 

So what I’m saying, more or less, is cam. Cam as often as you can and feel comfortable doing. Yes, camscore matters, but camscore = visibility (essentially) and what’s the point in having a huge camscore if you’re never online? Fight to keep the thing over 2000, but once you’re above that, get your butt online and make them good impressions. 

Effort can mean more than just being online, mind you. Effort can mean making more content, taking more photos, getting extra cute, upping your profile, offering more prizes, playing a game, doing a complicated show, so on and so forth. On one hand, MFC can yield higher rewards the more you push. On the other, a lot of the time it doesn’t (and we’re back to luck again) but if you’re got the time and you’re able to conjure up the drive, why not do your best?

I’ve had months where success was sheer luck. I’ve had unsuccessful months with tons of effort that felt like ass. But of all of my months, the ones where I put in a ton of work and received a ton of support felt like the best and allowed me to develop awesome relationships, learn more about myself as a camgirl (and as a person!) and really feel like I *deserved* whatever I made at the end of the day. So while you’re not always going to get what you put in, it’s usually worth it to put in all you can, if not from a token perspective then from a personal growth perspective.

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