Still craving the opportunity to receive the body of your dreams?


Still craving the opportunity to help women get the bodies of their dreams?

Well we're here to help make those dreams come true!

We here at HBB know how much your money means to you and...

LADIES - we know that you don't want to spend that money on a site that charges girls to post ads.

GUYS - we know that you don't want to send money to girls that aren't verified!

So, come check us out and see what we have to offer you... no strings attached!


...or better yet, who am I?

I am an online model and camgirl who has been in this business for over a decade, I have been both on-screen and behind the scenes. Like most of you, I had a profile on MFI with a significant amount of money accumulated before the site shut down; I lost it all. After a year of waiting and countless "teases" by the new owners, I decided I wanted to do something for myself and everyone else who was hurt by the sudden closing of MFI. I teamed up with a partner to pool our resources and start something new, fresh, and most importantly, fun! We hired a team of highly experienced and dedicated developers and we are both proud and excited to share our new website with you!

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Over a decade in this business!

Just like me, my partner and my developers have been involved in the online adult industry for a very long time. The benefit of our team vs the others is that not only do you get ideas from a designer, but from a woman as well; and who knows what you ladies want more than one of your own? We gathered input as to what both sides want to see, and we have worked together to come up with something clean, something easy to use, and something we know you will love. My developers also specialize in adult related web-design, management, and technical support, and have countless sites out there that are being used everyday. They will also be on hand to provide updates as necessary and to consistently bring new features to HBB. No more "this isn't working" like you get from other sites!

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I'm not going anywhere!

I know what it's like to get screwed over. I've been a victim of countless scams done by both clients and websites that have disappeared and taken everything I have worked for; and I can promise that HBB will never do that to anyone. I have spent years building my reputation online, and I intend to keep it a good one. Now that HBB is up and running, my partner and I plan to be as transparent as possible with both site operations as well as finances. We are both college educated, responsible adults who have studied business, accounting, and mathematics. We know that it takes more than just money to keep a site running.; it takes a good reputation. We will strive to provide an excellent experience at HBB and we don't expect your trust, but we do hope to earn it!

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Newly Designed Features!

We have been working tirelessly to add features to HBB that MFI and other sites don't offer. We have also scrapped features that ladies and customers have complained about in the past. We have launched in version 1.0 and will continue to upgrade from here. HBB offers a messaging system, live chat feature, webcam abilities, photo and video sales, and a direct contribution option for those customers who just want to see you succeed and expect nothing in return! We want your feedback to help make this the best goal-oriented site ever. We plan to offer more than just what MFI did and we are working on ways to help ladies reach their goals in a more timely fashion and be able to work towards further goals faster than before.

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Invest in something beautiful!


Get the body you want...

No matter what  you want!

We Care About You!

We want to support you on your journey to a being and feeling beautiful, whatever that may mean to you. We stand beside you no matter what you are looking for. You name it, we can probably support it and we will back you up in trying to get it. HBB is all about what you want and no goal will be too large for us to handle!
The only thing we ask of you is to support us by liking, sharing, and spreading the word. We want our site not to be a competition between ladies, but a community where everyone respects and supports one another!
Ladies, tell your favorite Benes. Benes, tell your favorite Ladies. No membership fees and no commitments. Join today and start crowdfunding for your cosmetic surgery needs! We support you!

What Makes Us Different?

SIMPLE: This site is owned and operated by a woman! A woman who also performs online and has the best interests of her girls at heart. I will care about every single person that signs up for my site and I will stop at nothing to be the best in this market!


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